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Grade: 12
Any way to complete Organic Chemistry part from boards point of view within 15 days?? I am currently in class 12. Please guide me to complete the organic chemistry part as fast as possible. Also tell me sortcut tricks of it which will be useful for me.
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Umakant biswal
5349 Points
@ shreyas , 
its impossible to complete organic chemistry of class 12th if u are studying that for the frst time , 
at best if u can ignore the last 3 chapters ( chemi in everyday life , biomolecules , polymer ) then it will take at least 1 month 10 days around . 
and rest assure – if u are done with all other chapter . then u can easily get 50+ in chemi , if u leave organic completely , 
the last 3 chaps are easy – they contains 10 marks all together , and rest organic chapters will account for 15 marjs only . 
and i am predicting some imp top[ics by which u can easily get 10 marks . 
1- nomenclature of haloalkanes , amines . 
2- HVZ reaction / rosenmund reaction / finkelstein reac ( any 1 have high probability of 3 marks ques ) 
3- and just read the physical and chemi prop ( boiling , melting point and all ) – they contains a 2 marks ques , 
and when u are revising any sample paper or prev year ques paper , just look for the conversion process , 
and remember – conversion is step wise marking , so, if u can do 1 step u can get half marks . 
so, dnt worry for organic , no need to do full chap as far as board are concerned . 
and most of the organic ques are repeating from prev years , 
one year ago
Shreyas Patil
132 Points
i want to actually prepare organic chemistry for preboards so i asked to complete it in less time. I have 3 preboards 
1st from 19 dec to 28 dec
2nd from 7 jan to 16 jan
3rd from 28 jan to 5th fb 
so tell me plan to complete organic part and also revise all the portion.
Also i aint able to remember the reactions. Please give me trick to remember the reactions. You have told earlier but i didnt understood what you said. 
So please explain the trick with the example.
Thank You.
one year ago
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