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about conformations of cyclohexane in a brief manner

about  conformations of cyclohexane in a brief manner


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 1281 Points
5 years ago
The simplest imaginable conformation for cyclohexane, the planar one, is not only the ground state conformation, it is so high in energy thatit plays no part in the conformational analysis of cyclohexane.This is mainly because of the large amount of torsional strain which is present in this form.
The ground state conformation of cyclohexane is a fully staggered conformation which is shaped somewhat like a "chair". In this conformation there is no torsional strain at all.Following are the different conformations of cyclohexane.505-2389_conformations of cyclohexane.png
As a consequence of the ring warping, six of the 12 carbon-hydrogen bonds end up almost perpendicular to the mean plane and almost parallel to the symmetry axis, with alternating directions, and are said to beaxial. The other six C-H bonds lie almost parallel to the mean plane, and are said to beequatorial.
505-32_axial equatorial bond.png

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