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Bobby Chopra Grade: Upto college level

List the physical properties of alcohols?

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
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Physical Properties of Alcohols



1)      Lower alcohols are soluble in water due to formation of hydrogen bonds with water molecules


2)      The boiling and melting points of alcohols are much higher than those of alkanes, alkenes and alkyl halides because of hydrogen bonding between the alcohol molecules. Boiling points and melting point increase with increase in molecular weight and decrease with increase in branching.


3)      The alcohols are slight acidic in nature.


4)      Lower members have a pleasant smell but a burning taste and the higher ones are odourless and tasteless. They cause addiction. Methyl alcohol is toxic in nature because it forms formaldehyde and formic acid on oxidation which are toxic in nature.


5)      Alcohols are lighter than water.

8 years ago
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