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Ryan Clouter Grade: 12


8 years ago

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Sachin Tyagi
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Tranquillizer: - The chemicals which bring about reduced mental tension, relieve anxiety and result in a more calm outlook without producing any marked degree of sedation or hypnosis or without grossly altering the level of consciousness are called tranquillizers. Tranquillizers are effective in such mental disorders when ordinary hypnotics or sedatives fail. These are also called as psychotherapeutic drugs.

The powerful drugs called reserpine and chlorpromazine were introduced simultaneously. The other drugs in common use are luminal, equanil, seconal, Librium, diazepam etc.

Note:- Equanil is an important medicine used in depression and hypertension.

Drug used in the treatment of metal disease can be classified as:-

i)             Narcotics:- these are used as analgesic and depressant. It reduces anxiety and tension. E.g., pethidine, heroin, opium, etc..

ii)           Hypnotics:- These are tranquillizers, used to reduce anxiety and metal tension.

iii)          Sedatives:- it reduce the action of central nervous system. These re also called as depressant. These are used for the violent mental patients. It induces the feeling of relaxation, calmness and drowsiness. Some common sedatives are valium and barbiturates.

iv)          Antidepressants :- these drugs are given to the patients having lack of confidence. These are also called mood boosters. It induces the feeling of well being. Some examples are vitalin, methadrine and cocain.

8 years ago
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