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iit jee Grade: 12

There r only a few methods of preparation of alkane in morrison boyd. All methods r not there even in arihant. as they say they follow CBSE, will it be ok if i do only those in NCERT book? I am really confused ! plz suggest what to do? will u plz write all the methods.  

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

askiitians expert khajavali
31 Points

morryson & boyed is a good book along with this u can refer jerry march it is also excellent book for chemistry

i will tell some preparation methos :-

1. from sodium salt of carboxylic acid with sodalime

2. aluminium & beryllium carbide  on hydrolysis

3.alkyl halide on reduction with Zn-Cu couple

4. wurtz reaction

5.colbes electrolysis

like this somany reactions are available in jerry march u can see & read & do some excersice for practice if still u have doubts u can can contact me .i think it is sufficient ro u


thank u


8 years ago
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