Which is more acidic? CH 3 COOH or CH 2 FCOOH

Which is more acidic?



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Askiitians Expert Bharath-IITD
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12 years ago

Dear Apoorva,

CH2FCOOH is more acetic because of a high electron negive atom F in in it it will allow easy formation oh H+ ion and thus more acidic in nature.

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Adapa Bharath

Avijit Arya
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12 years ago
Hi, Well the presence of a strong -I group (F) makes CH2FCOOH, more acidic than CH3COOH which has a +I group attached to it, which decreases the acidity. Hence CH2FCOOH isMORE acidic than acetic acid. Thanks
krishan kumar yadav
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12 years ago

CH2FCOOH is more acidic due to +I effect of F

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6 years ago
But in chemistry NCERT (12) chapter 12 intext question 12.8 part 1, ch3cooh is considered more acidic? 

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