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ajinkya bhole Grade: 10

i m not gettin how to find the acidic strength and basic strength order using -I and +I groups.(i know that +I group decrease acidic strength & -I increase acidic strength and vice versa for basic strength .....but how??????)(how does diff.  between ∂+ and ∂- ie electronegativity affect acidic strength(how??))plzz xplain me this by examples and also tell me a good book from where i will be able to understand this(i used morrison boyd but very less xplanation)....plzz tell me...thnku!!

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

askiitians expert khajavali
31 Points

do u know one thing what is inductive effect i will explain

inductive effect:- partial displacement (or) transfer of sigma electrons towards mor electronegative atoms is called as inductive effect

this is classified in to two types 1.negative inductive effect:-all electrons with drawing groups comes under this catogiry

2.positive inductive effect:-all electrons donating groups comes under this catogiry

i will give simple concept ma i.e -I.E is directly proportion to acidic strength of alcohols & directly proportional to acidic strength of acids but inversly proportional to the basicity of amines

+I.E groups directly proportional to the carbocations & alkyl halides & also directly proportional to the basicity of amines & inversly proportional to the acidity of acids & alcohols

reactivity order of -IE groups :- NO2>CN>aldehydes >ketones> F>CL>BR> I

example :- alpha cyano alcohol(a), alpha nitro alcohol(b) ,alpha fluro alcohol(c) write the order of acidic stength

see the above order acc to the above order  b>a>c


better u can refer baul& baul & jerry march better if have claiden also u can improve the concepts very clearly



8 years ago
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