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Saineel Sanjay Prabhudessai Grade: 11

Please answer this....

Q. Among closely related molecules, where the same atom loses proton, which of the following is correct?

a. Increase in positive charge, decrease in acidity.

b. Increase in negative charge, decrease in acidity.

c. Increase in negative charge, decrease in acidity.

d. Nothing can be said.

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ramesh V
70 Points

Generally, atoms do not lose protons. Loss of protons from atoms is usually considered to be a type of radiation. Electrons move around freely between atoms and molecules (this is how electricity occurs). If an atom lost an electron and gained a proton, it would gain +2 to its charge, and vice versa for the opposite. So, more or less, nothing changes.

An atom can lose an electron or proton without losing its opposite, but loss of protons is radiation because loss of a proton decays that atom to a different element and changes many of its properties.

look at this...!!! Now, the proton is the single thing which identifies which element the atom is. So, if the element has 8 protons, it is an oxygen atom. If it loses a proton it becomes Nitrogen, since Nitrogen has only 7 protons. You can look at the periodic table, the number above the letter is the amount of protons which the atom has.




8 years ago
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