wat is action of KMnO 4 and K 2 CrO4 on 1 o ,2 o and 3 o alcohols???

wat is action of KMnO4 and K2CrO4 on 1o,2o and 3o alcohols???


2 Answers

Tapasranjan Das
19 Points
14 years ago

10 =>carboxylic acid


30=>no reaction

Ankush Kumar Thusoo
33 Points
13 years ago

With KMnO4 and K2CrO4

10 will first get oxidised to aldehyde and then to carboxylic acid

but if PCC is used then rxn stops after formation of aldehyde


20 will first get oxidised to ketone and then to carboxylic acid with

lesser number of carbon atoms as that of starting reactant


However 30 will not get directly oxidised. Firstly it will loose water

and then ozonolysis will occur formining 2 products, Out of which

both will oxidise. One forming Carboxylic acid and other bi products

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