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sagar kandpal Grade: 12th pass
        Respected sir,

With heartful gratitude,
Sir, pramod sir(iit roorke alumni)told me about book (Reactions and Reagents of chemistry) By Syanyal. Sir studying from board book and from Syanyal will be sufficient for the chapters you told me(Sagar) to prerpare Thoroughly for iit jee .
Sir if syanyal book is not good then please tell me name of one book for iit jee
Which is easy to understand,in which concepts are given in depth and also which is
Not so costly because sir iam a common student not so rich to purchase a costly

Sir the Stratergy of preparing a chapter in organic chemistry for iit je should be like reading the whole chaptere line by line or reading only the main key points.

Sir please give me a technique to prepare a particular chapter in organic chemistry
Like if I take the example of chapter (aldehydes and ketones or carboxylic acids etc).
Should I read each and every reaction line by line and everything given in whole chapter
Line by line.

Sir it is very difficult to read each and every reaction from the whole chapter because
They get mixed up in my mind and I am not able to make out which reaction it was.

Sir please tell me key points in every reaction which I should keep in mind while reading the reactions so that I can understand the reactions better.

Sir please!!!!!!!!!!!!1 give me the solution of my problem immediately.
Waiting earnestly for your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Sagar Kandpal
Class xii A.

Sir always remember me because my ambition,my target,my aim is IIT JEE.Sir I have
NotThing important more than iit jee.please always try to help me in all possible way.
Please tell pramod sir also to give the solution of my problem as given above.
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Pramod-IIT-R
47 Points
										Dear Student,
  You are asking this question to some other expert and request to suggestion on my recommendation. In this type confusion , you should write the expert name clearly so that, that expert easily get idea that this question is for that expert.
  So dear student, write clearly your favorite expert so that he can reply very fast.

  Good luck

  Pramod Kumar
8 years ago
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