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Jithin Sarma Grade: 12

Sir ,pls read the whole thing , PLSSS... I 'm an IIT JEE 2010 aspirant [ and an ASKIITIAN STUDENT ] . I had completed the core organic topics from GOC to Amines around Septemebr . Since then I have been reading and doing problems the topics [ by now atleast 15 times ]...STILL I'M NOT ABLE TO REMEMBER [ EVEN AFTER UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPTS ] THE MECHANISM AND THE REACTIONS AND THE ONLY TOPIC I KNOW 95 % IS from hydrocarbons to a BIG ZERO..PLSSS TELL NE AS TO HOW REVISE THE TOPIC...?

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Pramod-IIT-R
47 Points
										Dear student,
  This is a common problem at this type. so do not think that you have forgotten organic reaction. if you have been solving organic problem since September, you will not face any problem at the time of exam. with conditions that you will not forget named reaction which is given in the prospectus of IIT-JEE. at this time you should stick only to your notes and every time you will think that these things you know, but mugg all these again again.
  Second thing do not think that your preparation is not good. Most of the road accident are near their target because most of the people loose confidence near target. so Be confidence and try to remember all named reaction very well like cannizaro, aldol, fridel craft,hoffmann reaction,diazoniumm salt etc. from yours notes only.

  Do not try to solve or study new book at this time. This is the time only revision.

   Best of Luck

  Pramod Kumar
  IITR Alumni   
8 years ago
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