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How will you distigsh between chlorobenzeen and benzyl chloride?

How will you distigsh between chlorobenzeen and benzyl chloride?


2 Answers

kunasi Ramesh
37 Points
7 years ago

Substance is taken in test tube. Add KOH+ dil.HNO3+AgNO3   if it give a ppt that is alkyl halide. if there is no ppt that is benzyl halide.

Nandakumar UK
37 Points
7 years ago

Alkyl halides and benzyl halides will give white precipitate when heated first with dil. NaOH and then heated with nitric acid and silver nitrate. Alkyl halide and benzyl halide are converted to alcohol and benzyl alcohol setting halide ion free in the medium which gives the precipitate of silver halide with silver ions. But chlorobenzene is difficult to hydrolyse and so no ppt will be given by this. In chlorobenzene the C-Cl bond has double character due to resonance

Regards :)

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