what happens when ketones react with chlorine

what happens when ketones react with chlorine


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8 years ago

in dark it forms alpha,alpha''-dichloro diethyl ether

in light it forms perchloro diethyl ether

Vikash Kumar
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8 years ago

there are two cases-

1) when methyl ketones (R–CO–CH3 ) react with chlorine in present of a base haloform reaction takes place and chloroform ( CHCl3 ) is obtained along with RCOO

2) Under acidic reaction conditions, selective monohalogenation at the a-postion is observed when the aldehyde or ketone has a hydrogen at α(alpha) position which is more enhanced if hydrogen is more acidic in nature. the reaction is a nucleophillic substituion reaction.

alpha halogenation of aldehydes and ketones

vikash kumar

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