does aldehyde reacts with NH2 in acidic medium

does aldehyde reacts with NH2 in acidic medium


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9 years ago

yes it do in slightly acidic medium but not in highly acidic medium as it forms NH3(plus) and thus there will be no more reaction

Vikash Kumar
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9 years ago

yes, aldehyde and ketones both reacts with NH3 and its derivatives like R-NH2 in acidic medium to form imine derivatives which are also known as schiff''s bases. the reaction requires slightly acidic medium PH(4-5). acid used protonates the C=O present in aldehydes and makes the carbonyl carbon more electron defiicient for the action of ammonia and other NH2 groups. In highly acidic medium ammonia derivatives form salt and lose their capacity to act as nucleophile.

vikash kumar

Btech. IIT delhi

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