Explain Aldol condensation reaction?

Explain Aldol condensation reaction?


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Analdol condensationis anorganic reactionin which anenolor anenolate ionreacts with acarbonylcompound to form a ß-hydroxyaldehyde or ß-hydroxyketone, followed by adehydrationto give a conjugatedenone.

The first part of this reaction is analdol reaction, the second part a dehydration—anelimination reaction(Involves removal of a water molecule or an alcohol molecule). Dehydration may be accompanied bydecarboxylationwhen an activated carboxyl group is present. The aldol addition product can be dehydrated via two mechanisms; a strongbaselikepotassiumt-butoxide,potassium hydroxideorsodium hydridein anenolatemechanism,[10]or in an acid-catalyzedenolmechanism.

Enolate mechanism:Enol Mechanism
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