Important named reactions for jee?

Important named reactions for jee?


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sumit kumar
askIITians Faculty 13 Points
9 years ago
Hello Student,
Here I am providing you the list of some of the important nam ereactions for IIT-JEE.
1. Micheal Addition
2.Benzoin Condensation
3.Bayer Villager Oxidation
4.Wittig Reaction
5.Tischenko Reaction
6.Beckmann Rearrangement
7.Favoraskii Reaction
8.Reformataskii Reaction
9.Perkin Reaction
10.Claisen Condensation
All the name reactions listed by you are present in IIT syllabus.
You should go through these name reactions wery well as these are very important. you must know the mechanism of all these reactions and try to solve all the problems based on these name reactions.
These name reactions are also important because many conversion are also based on these reactions. These name reactions are important for IIT-JEE as well as all the other exams including AIPMT and CBSE board exams.
Go through all these reactions, and if you feel any problem in these reactions feel free.
Thanks & Regards
Sumit Kumar
askIITians Faculty
sriinitha reddy
11 Points
5 years ago
these reactions are part of the chapter aldehydes keones and carboxylic acids.and few other reactions are missed in that too...aldol condensation,knovengel reaction,crossed aldol condensation,

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