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get deffrence bmo and amo

get deffrence bmo and amo

Grade:12th Pass

1 Answers

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
7 years ago

Electrons that spend most of their time between the nuclei of two atoms are placed into the bonding orbitals, electrons that spend most of their time outside the nuclei of two atoms are placed into antibonding orbitals. This is because there is an increasing in electron density between the nuclei in bonding orbitals, and a decreasing in electron density in antibonding orbitals. Placing an electron in the bonding orbital stabilizes the molecule because it is in between the two nuclei. Conversely, placing electrons into the antibonding orbitals will decrease the stability of the molecule.

Bonding molecular orbital has energy less than that of parent atomic contributes maximum to the shape of molecule.Anti-bonding molecular orbital Its energy is greater than that of parent atomic orbital. It is less stable than the parent atomic orbital. In A.B.M.O, the probability of finding electrons is minimum. It does not contribute towards the shape of molecule.
Thanks & regards
Aarti Gupta
askiitians Faculty

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