which is more acidic phenol or thiophenyl?

which is more acidic phenol or thiophenyl?


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Vikas TU
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9 years ago

Phenol will be more acidic than thiphenyl as both are in conjucgation but it doesn''t matters.

In Phenol -OH group induces less +M effect than -SH group in phenyl.

And acid character is inversely proportional to +M  and +I.

that''s why.



Prajwal kr
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9 years ago

Thiophenol has appreciably greater acidity than does phenol. Thiophenol has a pKa of 6 vs 10 for phenol.This is because the lone pair of sulphur is more easily given to ring(than in phenol) and stabilised after losing the H+. Since the conjugate base is more stable the acid is more acidic.

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4 years ago
Thiophenol is more acidic.phenoxide formed in phenol is stablized and pka value of phenol is more than thiophenol.thats way phenol is less acidic than thiophenol

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