1. why o-nitrophenol is more volatile than p-nitrophenol?

1. why o-nitrophenol is more volatile than p-nitrophenol?

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anurag hundal
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10 years ago

Since para has more symmetry than that of ortho or meta it fits into the crystal lattice better.

So it is less volatile! Also it has higher melting and boiling points, hence the stability!

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10 years ago

In o-nitro phenol ,-OH is linked to -NO2 by means of intramolecular,it is highly volatile.


Stronger intermolecular forces would make the substance less volatile.So we can see intermolecular H-bonding in P-nitro phenol ,so P-nitro phenol is less volatile,where as in o-nitro phenol intra H-bonding takes places thats why it is highly volatile.

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Akshay Amol Revankar
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10 years ago

o-nitrophenol is more steam volatile because it forms INTRA molecular hydrogen bonding whereas in p-nitrophenol there is INTER molecular hydrogen bonding which causes attraction between the molecules and hence the bond doesnot break easily.

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8 years ago
Bcoz of presence of intramolecular hydrogen bonding in the o-isomer o-nitrophenol is more volatile than p-nitrophenol.☺
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8 years ago
Since,o nitro phenol forms intra molecular h bond.while p nitro phenol forms inter molecular h bond.
Inter molecular h bond pulls other molecules towards it.intra molucular bond is between the atoms of that molecule which do not pull other molucules effectively.
Priyanshi soni
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3 years ago

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