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Plz brief me about general theory of Solvent System:

Plz brief me about general theory of Solvent System:


1 Answers

askIITIians Expert
21 Points
12 years ago

General theory Of solvent System:

In an attempt to have more general definition of acids and bases applicable to protonic and non protonic solvents, several definitions havebeen proposes. One given by Cady and Elsey (1938), according to which an acid is a solute that, either by direct dissociation or by reaction with the solvent gives the anion characteristics of the solvent and a base is a solute thateither by direct association or by reaction with the solvent gives the cation characteristics of the solvent.

Utility of the Concept:

Evidently this concept of solvent system can be used to explain the acid-base reactions occuring in aqueous solvents (protonic and non-protonic both).


* This theory doesnot consider a number of acid base reactions included in the protonic definition.

* It limits acid-base phenomena to solvent systems only.

* It cannot explain the neutralization reactions occuring without the presence of ions.

Thus, the theory can simply be said to be an extention of the Arrhenius water ion system.

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