What is Aldehyde?

What is Aldehyde?


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Ashwin Ashutosh Yardi
32 Points
9 years ago

Aldehyde is organic cmpound containg satuated bonding between carbon and oxygen..

dipesh agrawal
32 Points
9 years ago

Aldehyde is a carbonyl compound in which one valency of carbonyl carbon is satisfied by hydrogen atom and other by a alkyl group

Roshan Mohanty
64 Points
9 years ago

Aldehyde is an organic compound which has the -CHO group.
R-CHO where R is alkly/aryl group
ex- HCHO(formaldehyde) , CH3CHO(Acetaldehyde) etc 

kamal chandra
16 Points
9 years ago

An aldehyde is an organic compoundcontaining a formyl group. Thisfunctional group, with the structure R-CHO, consists of a carbonyl centre bonded to hydrogen and an R group.[1] The group without R is called the aldehyde group or formyl group

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