Why do glucose and fructose form the same osazone crystals?

Why do glucose and fructose form the same osazone crystals?

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sanjay sanjeev patro
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10 years ago

Glucose and fructose differ in their structer at 1st two carbon atom c1 and c2 only.In osazone formation tthere two carbon atoms take part in the reaction and during osazone formation the structural dissimilarities at c1 and c2 disapears .Hense they give same osazone

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9 years ago
both contain free carbonil group
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6 years ago
This can be understood in terms of mechanism of reactions of glucosr and fructose with phenyl hydrazine
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6 years ago
Reducing sugars that differ at C1 and C2 give the same osazone and thierfore glucose and fructose have structures that differ at carbon 1 & 2
Henry Benjamin
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6 years ago
Glucose, fructose and mannose are diastereomeric aldohexoses.They are epimers of each other i.e they differ only in the placement of the hydroxyl group on each carbon atom.This structural difference disappears during osazone formation.Hence, they give the same osazones.

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