what is nucleophile?

what is nucleophile?

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Algote Devendhar
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11 years ago

A nucleophile is a chemical species that donates an electron pair to an electrophile to form a chemical bond in a reaction. All molecules or ions with a free pair of electrons or at least one pi bond can act as nucleophiles. Because nucleophiles donate electrons, they are by definition Lewis bases.

Nucleophilic describes the affinity of a nucleophile to the nuclei. Nucleophilicity, sometimes referred to as nucleophile strength, refers to a substance''s nucleophilic character and is often used to compare the affinity of atoms.

Neutral nucleophilic reactions with solvents such as alcohols and water are named solvolysis. Nucleophiles may take part in nucleophilic substitution, whereby a nucleophile becomes attracted to a full or partial positive charge.

Prajwal kr
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11 years ago

Group which gives out electron pair to an electrophile.

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A reagent that brings an electron pair is called a nucleophile.i,e., nucleus seeking and the reaction is then called nucleophilic reaction.During a reaction  a nucleophilic attacks an electrophilic centre of the substrate which is that specific atom or part of the electrophile that is electron deficient.




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 They nucleous loving species . . .

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