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How should I solve questions related to conversions in cbse. PLease help?

How should I solve questions related to conversions in cbse. PLease help?


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 131 Points
6 years ago
In order to solve conversions you should know all the equations of organic chemistry and you should also know that how to apply those for different problems.
For this you should gain an in depth knowledge of organic chemistry.But don't worry its not so difficult all you need to do is to go through your text book and try to understand the concepts of organic chemistry. Once you understand the basic concepts things will become easy for you.After you gain knowledge of concepts you can go for solving the solved conversions given in the text book and after that move to the unsolved one and finally try to solve the conversions given in previous year question papers. You can also refer to our study material. Here we provide you the detailed study material in easy to understand language with proper examples and related videos.
All the best!
Thanks & Regards
Pankaj Singh
askIITians Faculty

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