Write the difference between double salt and complex compound. ?

Write the difference between double salt and complex compound. ?


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Vidyasagar Mohanraj
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10 years ago

Double salts are molecular compounds which are formed by the evoporation of solution containing 2 or more salts in stoichiometric proportions.They dissociate into their constituent ions in solution

    eg:  K2SO4.Al2(SO4)3.24H2O --> 2K^+ + 2Al^3+ + 4SO4^2- + 24H2O this is how it dissociates


A complex compound is a compound formed from a lewis acid and a lewis base.They don''t dissociate into its constituent ions in solutions

   eg:  Fe(CN)2 + 4KCN ---> K4[Fe(CN)6]

          K4[Fe(CN)6] on dissociation gives 4K^+ + [Fe(CN)6]^4-

In K4[Fe(CN)6] the individual components lose their identity.The metal of the complex ion is not free in solution unlike the metal in double salt solution

Srikanth Neeli
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10 years ago

DOUBLE SALTS:- double salt exist only in solid state and dissociate into ions in aqueous solution or any other solvent.

* they loose their identity in aqueous solution or any othe solvent.

*the properties of the doublesalt same as their constituents.

*metal ions exhibits their normal valency.

COMPLEX COMPOUND:-complex compunds exhist in solid state as well as in water or any other solvent

*complex compounds donot completely loose their identity in aqueous solution.

*the properties of the complex compounds are different from their constituents

*metals ions surrounded by ions or neutral molecules beyond theiry normal valency.



Edwin Ronga
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6 years ago
Enter your answer here...a complex salt exhibits isomerism while a double salt does not exhibit isomerism

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