how many chiral carbon in 1-Cloro-2,5-di mithyl cycloheczen?

how many chiral carbon in 1-Cloro-2,5-di mithyl cycloheczen?

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Godfrey Classic Prince
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11 years ago

Dear Murali Prajapati,

If you would lokk at the structure of 1-chloro 2,5-dimethyl cyclohexene,you will notice that there are no carbon atoms that are connected to four different atoms and each of them present here are connected to either two or more atoms of the same species. Since a Chiral carbon atom is one which is attached to four different atoms,we can get the inference thatthere are no chiral carbon atoms in 1-chloro 2,5-dimethyl cyclohexene.


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sripathikanduri Sripathi
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11 years ago

They each have 4 different groups attached.

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