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chemical tests for n-methyl benzamine, benzamine and bezamide

chemical tests for n-methyl benzamine, benzamine and bezamide

Grade:12th Pass

1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
6 years ago
Benzamideis an off-white solid with the chemical formula of C6H5CONH2. It is a derivative ofbenzoic acid. It is slightly soluble in water, and soluble in many organic solvents.

Chemical Name:Benzamide, N-methyl-

Chemical Formula:C8H9NO
N-METHYLBENZAMIDE is an amide. Amides/imides react with azo and diazo compounds to generate toxic gases. Flammable gases are formed by the reaction of organic amides/imides with strong reducing agents. Amides are very weak bases (weaker than water). Imides are less basic yet and in fact react with strong bases to form salts. That is, they can react as acids. Mixing amides with dehydrating agents such as P2O5 or SOCl2 generates the corresponding nitrile. The combustion of these compounds generates mixed oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Chemical Name:Benzylamine

Chemical Formula:C7H9N
Appearance:colourless liquid with an ammoniacal odour

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