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Na+ is an electrophile or not

Na+ is an electrophile or not


3 Answers

65 Points
8 years ago
Na+ is a very weak electrophile......because its from a strong base NaOH............ as you no a strong base produces a weak conjugate part...............Na+ is a very weak electrophile as Na has got less I.E it can easily give up its electron in stable Na+ in a stable solution would not again take an electron so we can say that its a very weak electrophile .................. electrophile means electron loving reagent ................when Na is electron giving element to become Na+ it is unlikely that again it combines with an electron.............
Kamal Singh rawat
14 Points
3 years ago
The Na have less electron donated element. The electron present in outermost orbit is only one. Mg is high electron donated element than Na because it outermost valence electron is two. Electrophile means electron donated species. That is reign Na is less electrophile species.
Kamal Singh rawat
14 Points
3 years ago
Electrophile species are those species which have electron donated. The outermost valence electron of Na is 1 and outermost valence electron of Mg is 2. Mean, the Mg lose more electron than Na. That is reason why Na is less electrophile species.

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