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Grade: 10


Give reactions to convert: i) Ethene to Propyne ii) Ethyne to Propanol

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

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  • A.S. answered 2 years ago
i)ethene is CH2=CH2.. 

CH2=CH2 + Br2/CCl4 ----------> CH2(Br)-CH2(Br) ( ethylene dibromide) 

CH2(Br)-CH2(Br) + KOH (alc.) + heat ------------> CH=-CH (acetylene) 

=- is triple bond 

CH=-CH + NaNH2 in liq.NH3 -------> CH=-CNa (sodium acetylide) 

CH=-CNa + CH3I ----------> CH=-C-CH3 (propyne) 

ii) first make propyne from ethyne like above ....after that ... 

CH=-C-CH3 + H2/Pd / CaCO3 + S ----------> CH2=CH-CH3 ( propene) 

H2/Pd / CaCO3 + S is lindlars catalyst ... 

CH2=CH-CH3 + (BH3)2 + H2O2 /OH- --------> CH2(OH)-CH2-CH3 (propanol) 

this step is hydroboration-oxidation of alkenes ... 

feel free to ask any question
6 years ago
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