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Plz explain thermal reaction:

Plz explain thermal reaction:


1 Answers

askIITIians Expert
21 Points
12 years ago

Thermal Reaction:

  • A thermal reaction takes place without the absorpation of light.
  • A thermal reaction doesnot necessarily require more heat than what is available to the reaction at room temperature
  • Thermal reactions require additional heat in order to take place at a reasonable rate.

For many years,pericyclic reactions puzzled chemists. Why did some pericyclic reactions take place only under thermal conditions, while others took place only under photochemical conditions, and yet others were successfully carried out under both thermal and photochemical conditions? Another puzzling aspect of pericyclic reactions was the configurations of the products that were formed. After many pericyclic reactions had been investigated , it became apparent that if a pericyclic reactioncould take place under both thermal and photochemical conditions, the configuration of the product formed under one set of condition. For example, if the cis isomer was obtained under thermal conditons, the trans isomer was obtained under photochemical conditions and vice versa.

It took two very talented chemists, each bringing their own expertise to the problem, to solve the puzzling behaviour of pericyclic reactions. In 1965, R.B. Woodward, orbital symmetry theory to explain the relationship among the structure and configuration of the reactant, the conditions under which the reactions take place, and the configuration of the product. Because the behaviour of pericyclic reactions is so precise. it is not surprising that everything about their behaviour can be explained by one single theory. The difficult part was having the insight to arrive at the theory.


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