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iupac name of cube

iupac name of cube



3 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
6 years ago
Cubane(C8H8) is a synthetichydrocarbonmoleculethat consists of eightcarbonatomsarranged at the corners of acube, with onehydrogenatom attached to each carbon atom. A solidcrystallinesubstance, cubane is one of thePlatonic hydrocarbons. It was first synthesized in 1964 byPhilip Eaton, a professor of chemistry at theUniversity of Chicago.[2]Before Eaton and Cole's work, researchers believed that cubic carbon-based molecules could not exist, because the unusually sharp 90-degree bonding angle of the carbon atoms was expected to be too highlystrained, and hence unstable. Once formed, cubane is quite kinetically stable, due to a lack of readily available decomposition paths.

The otherPlatonic hydrocarbonsaredodecahedraneandtetrahedrane.

Cubane and its derivative compounds have many important properties. The 90-degree bonding angle of the carbon atoms in cubane means that the bonds are highly strained. Therefore, cubane compounds are highly reactive, which in principle may make them useful as high-density, high-energyfuelsandexplosives(for example,octanitrocubaneandheptanitrocubane).

Cubane also has high density and crystallinity for a hydrocarbon, further contributing to its ability to store large amounts of energy, which would reduce the size and weight of fuel tanks in aircraft and especially rocket boosters. Researchers are looking into using cubane and similar cubic molecules inmedicineandnanotechnology.
733 Points
6 years ago
IUPAC name. Cubane. Other names. Pentacyclo[,5.03,8.04,7]
733 Points
6 years ago
IUPAC name is Cubane, other name is Pentacyclo octane.

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