what are the major advantages of using alkyl halides as inhalation anesthetics?

what are the major advantages of using alkyl halides as inhalation anesthetics?

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Alkyl Halides

Imagine that a pair of crystallizing dishes are placed on an overhead projector as shown in the figure below. Analkeneis added to the dish in the upper-left corner of the projector and analkaneis added to the dish in the upper-right corner. A few drops of bromine dissolved in chloroform (CHCl3) are then added to each of the crystallizing dishes.
he characteristic red-orange color of bromine disappears the instant this reagent is added to the alkene in the upper-left corner as the Br2molecules add across the C=C double bond in the alkene.The other crystallizing dish picks up the characteristic color of a dilute solution of bromine because this reagent doesn't react with alkanes under normal conditions.

If the crystallizing dish in the upper-right corner is moved into the center of the projector, however, the color of the bromine slowly disappears. This can be explained by noting that alkanes react with halogens at high temperatures or in the presence of light to form alkyl halides.
The light source in an overhead projector is intense enough to initiate this reaction, although the reaction is still significantly slower than the addition of Br2to an alkene.

The reaction between an alkane and one of the halogens (F2, Cl2, Br2, or I2)
Inhalant anesthetics
- advantages

Inhalation anesthesia involves delivery of a volatile anesthetic agent to the patient via the respiratory tract.

Advantages of using inhalants:

Increased control over depth as well as duration of anesthesia.
Increased safety and survivability.
Minimal metabolism, biotransformation and excretion compared with injectables, which is desirable in a toxicology studies.
Animals generally wake up faster from inhalant administration requiring less patient support during the postoperative recovery phase.
Inhalant anesthetics
- disadvantages

Most of the disadvantages associated with inhalants involve the required technical skills and the expense of specialty equipment. In addition, an appropriate scavenging system is needed to protect personnel and to comply with OSHA regulations and requirements.

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