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harsh mehta Grade: 12

In terms of oxidation - reduction and using derivatives, compare dehalogenaton, dehydrogenation, and dehydrohalogenation.

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
21 Points

Each C bonded to Br in CH2BrCH2 Br has an oxidation number (ON) of -1. Ach doubly-bonded C in the alkene has an ON of -2. This decrease in ON indicates that the dihalide is reduced and debromination is a reduction. During dehydrogenation of CH3CH3, the C’s that become doubly-bounded go from an ON of -3 to -2. This increase in ON signals an oxidation of the hydrocarbon. In the alkyl halide, the C bonded to Br has an On of -1 and α-C has an ON of -3, for an average of -2, the same as in the alkene. Hence, dehydrohalogenation is not a redox reaction.

8 years ago
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