Explain what are polymers???? And also some of their applications !!!!!

Explain what are polymers????

And also some of their applications !!!!!


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Polymers are substances containing a large number of structural units joined by the same type of linkage.These substances often form into a chain-like structure. Polymers in the natural world have been around since the beginning of time. Starch, cellulose, and rubber all possess polymeric properties.

Polymers already have a range of applications that far exceeds that of any other class of material available to man. Current applications extend from adhesives, coatings, foams, and packaging materials to textile and industrial fibers, composites, electronic devices, biomedical devices, optical devices, and precursors for many newly developed high-tech ceramics.

Applications of Polymers:

  #    Polymeric materials are used in and on soil to improve aeration, provide mulch, and promote plant growth and health.

  #    Many biomaterials, especially heart valve replacements and blood vessels, are made of polymers like Dacron, Teflon and polyurethane.

  #    Plastic containers of all shapes and sizes are light weight and economically less expensive than the more traditional containers. Clothing, floor coverings, garbage disposal bags, and packaging are other polymer applications.

  #  Automobile parts, windshields for fighter planes, pipes, tanks, packing materials, insulation, wood substitutes, adhesives, matrix for composites, and elastomers are all polymer applications used in the industrial market.

  #    Playground equipment, various balls, golf clubs, swimming pools, and protective helmets are often produced from polymers.

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