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Grade: 12

  1. Dipole moment of methanol is less than ethanol?Can you tell me what is the efftect of iductive effect on dipole moment.

  2. The correct decreasing order of stabilityof I, II and III

  • CH3 -C+H -CH3

  • CH3 -C+H-COCH3

  • CH3 -C+H-OCH3

      3.  Arrange the folowing resonating structure of vinyl

           chloride in order of decreasing stability

  •  CH2=CH-Cl

  •   C-H2-CH=Cl+

  •   CH2-CH=Cl-

10 years ago

Answers : (1)

Shubham Singh
6 Points

AnsI) Dipole moment of C2H5OH> Dipole moment of CH3OH because +I effect of ethyl group is greater than that of the methyl group.

AnsII)Decreasing order of stability is II>III>I

AnsIII) Decreasing order of stability is I>II>III

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8 years ago
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