How we van determine that there is complete delocalization of pie electrons .Give me some technique please

How we van determine that there is complete delocalization of pie electrons .Give me some technique please


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Dear Anubhav,

Electrons belonging to certain molecules are not attached to a particular atom or bond in that molecule. These electrons are said to be "delocalized" because they do not have a specific location (are not localized); they cannot be drawn in a simple Lewis structure. Rather, they exist in orbitals that include several atoms and/or bonds. You can imagine these orbitals as clouds surrounding parts of the molecule. Delocalization gives molecules resonance stability, stronger acidiy and based on the resonance stability, we can determine the range of absorbtion of ultraviolet and visible light. of a molucule in the light spectrum. The actual structure with delocalized electrons is called a resonance hybrid.  According the valence-bond theory (resonance hybrids exist when there is no specific structure for a molecule, instead the structure alternates between several forms. It is a mixture. This occurs because double or triple bonds can form between atoms). An approximate strucutre with localized electrons is called a resonance contributor. Electrons become delocalized in order to stabilize a structure. For example thebenzene molecule, C6H6, delocalized electrons to stabilize its structure rather than having alternating double and single bonds, and is frequently drawn as a circle inside a hexagon to represent the shared electrons.  Also,  acetic acid, CH3COOH, has delocalized electrons that stabilize its conjugate base and thus make it acidic.

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