Why CH 3 C≡CH + H 2 O in the presence of dil. H 2 SO 4 / HgSO 4 AT 343 K gives acetone (CH 3 COCH 3 ) AND NOT PROPANAL (CH 3 CH 2 CHO) ??? EXPLAIN PLS.

Why CH3C≡CH + H2O  in the presence of dil. H2SO4/ HgSO4 AT 343 K  gives acetone (CH3COCH3)  AND NOT PROPANAL (CH3CH2CHO) ??? EXPLAIN PLS.

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Surya Narain
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11 years ago

Markovnikov"s Product is formed during the addition which leads to the formation of CH3COH=CH2 
But this compound undergoes TAUTOMERISATION to form the more stable Keto form or namely Acetone...

Propanal is not formed in the addition of water  

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