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sudarshan gupta Grade: Upto college level
        When we add Lindlar Catalyst to an alkyne the alkene which is formed doesnot get reduced further.So can we say that it is easier to reduce triple bond than double bond?Give reasons
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Utsav Giri
18 Points

The Lindlar's catalyst only affects the rate of the reaction of the interconversion between alkyne, alkene and alkane and slows it down (poison). Effectively, it just converts the alkyne to alkene and prevents further hydrogenation of the alkene to alkane. Thus, we cannot say that triple bond is more easily reducable than a double bond. Moreover, if we use Ni/Pt as catalysts, the alkyne is converted to an alkane.

8 years ago
Chaitanya Borah
7 Points
										it doesnot depend on the fact that two C atoms are bonded wid triple bond or double bond.
bonds as per my knowledge goes bonds r basically are of 2 types 'pi bond'(weaker) n ' sigma bond'(stronger).a double bond contains one each while a triple bond contain two pi bond and one sigma bond.ur question is thus a little inappropriate.
8 years ago
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