please explain hyperconjucation

please explain hyperconjucation


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sarthak mitra
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12 years ago

hyperconjugation is a special type of resonance (no bond resonance)here the H atom carries the +ve charge but there is no bond between C & H.there should be at least 1 H atom in alpha C w.r.t( C=C )                                                                                                                    


                                                     1 2  3

2nd C is alpha C . as there is no H there no hyperconjugation occurs.


                                                    C-CH2-CH=CH2    after Hc  C-CH-CH=CH2  


                                                    1  2     3

at alpha position (2nd C wrt C=C) hyperconjugable H is present so hyperconjugation occurs. 

no.of hyper conjugable  H present in a compound sometimes helps in detecting the stability of the compound.

Godfrey Classic Prince
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12 years ago

Dear moinack shaikh,

In organic che,mistry, hyperconjugation is the interaction of the electrons in a sigma bond (usually C–H or C–C) with an adjacent empty (or partially filled) non-bonding p-orbital or antibonding n orbital or filled π orbital, to give an extended molecular orbital that increases the stability of the system. Only electrons in bonds that are β to the positively charged carbon can stabilize a carbocation by hyperconjugation.


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