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what is difference between hyperconjugation and resonance in details

what is difference between hyperconjugation and resonance in details


2 Answers

Ashwin Sinha
520 Points
10 years ago
Dear Pankaj Palni,

Rsonance effect involves delocalization of pi electrons of two or more conjugated double bonds or pi electrons of a double bond and non-bonding electrons of a heteroatom.
Hyperconjugation is an extension of resonance, it involves delocalization of sigma electrons through overlapping of p- orbitals of double bond with sigma orbital of adjacent single bond.Hyperconjugation may be regarded as sigma-pi conjugation.
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Askiitians Expert
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basit ali
41 Points
10 years ago
Difference between hyperconjugation and  resonance:     Hyperconjugation: this is the simply like property of conjugation or making bond to others , when the molecule  have lot charge or electrons it flow toward the +ve side, this is hyperconjugation.
Resonance: when molecule have pie electrons then it jumps into other bonds, that's why  position of pie  electrons  changes rapidly, this property is called resonance. e.g. C6H6 (Benzene).   plz approve my answer.

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