why does carbon usually form four single bonds & not two?

why does carbon usually form four single bonds & not two?

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12 years ago

carbon +4 is more stable than +2 [inert pair effect].

hence it usually form foir single bonds.

Aman Bansal
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12 years ago

Dear Bipasha,

Since the valency of carbon is 4 so it can form 4 bonds only. In that case it is called saturated hydrocarbon. If on the contrary it forms a double or triple bonds then it is called unsaturated hydrocarbon.

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bhanuveer danduboyina
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12 years ago

the tetravalency of carbon is 4 and it can bond 4 single bonds. If it forms 2 single bonds, it cannot be stable 

Godfrey Classic Prince
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12 years ago

Dear Mehruna Bipasha,

Carbon atom is tetravalent in nature i.e it wants four more electrons to reach the stable noble gas(Neon) configuration of 1s2 2s2 2p6

Carbon atom has 6 electrons in it & has an electronic configuration of 1s2 2s2 2p2

It therefore to become stable must get four more electrons to attain the stable Noble Gas electronic configuration!!!

That is the reason why it forms four single bonds & not just two single bonds !!


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