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abha tandon Grade: 12

what is the product obtained???


(CH3)2CH=CH(CH3)2 + HBr:


plz reply asap!

8 years ago

Answers : (5)

Samrat Ganguly Ganguly
16 Points
8 years ago
hastha shivakumar
16 Points

its a symmetrical will add on to the compound across the double bond.

the product will be

(ch3)2ch2-chbr(ch3)2. or the other way round..the compund 'll be the same

8 years ago
kunal saluja
18 Points

Br wud be added to any one of the doubly bonded carbon atoms as it is a symmetrical alkene

8 years ago
Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
357 Points

As per markownikoff rule, "whenever there is an unsymmetrical reagent attacks an unsymmtrical alkene; then negative part of reagent goes to that part of an alkene which has least number of hydrogen atoms ".

Since here we have a symmetrical alkene ,so the ¶ bond can be shifted on any side.

Note : 1. In this problem, even peroxide does not brings any change in the product .

           2. But had it been an unsymmetrical alkene ,then the product would be different

                in presence of a peroxide (kharasch Effect).

           3. Peroxide effect fails in case of HCL and HI.

8 years ago
disha 20
8 Points

                                 Check this reply!!!!!!!






8 years ago
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