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benzene is more acidic than n-hexane?IF YES WHY?

 benzene is more acidic than n-hexane?IF YES WHY?

Grade:Upto college level

2 Answers

Ritvik Gautam
85 Points
10 years ago

Benzene is more acidic than n-hexane. Acidity refers to the donation of H+ ions. If the conjugate base formed is stable, then the species is more acidic. When the H+ ions are ejected from the benzene ring, there is a negative charge on the benzene ring, which is stabalised by the resonance effect. due to the formation of it's resonating structures. While, in n-hexane there will only be the +I effect of the alkyl group. Since, the resonance effect is more powerful than the inductive effect, hence benzene ring is more stable than n-hexane.



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n o
12 Points
10 years ago
look the as the s-shrecter of the hybrid orbitals increases Electronegetivity increases.......and hence the acidity increases... now benzene has sp2 hybrd orbitals...while n-hexane has sp3 hybrd beneze is more acidic

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