What is synergic bond and what is it's significance.

What is synergic bond and what is it's significance.


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Dear Kopur,


its a bond between a Carbonyl group acting as a ligand and a metal.Synergic bonding means self strengthening bond.
It is formed by pi-acid ligands like CO.pi-acid ligands are those which have a lone pair of electrons to donate to metal atom and an empty antibonding molecular orbital to back bond with the d-orbital electrons of metal atom.This is well explained in wikipedia.Here I'm giving you the link to Pi-backbonding.
Nickel carbonyl and Iron pentacarbonyl form by the reaction of carbon monoxide with the metals. Other homoleptic carbonyls are normally made by reductive carbonylation of metal salts under a high pressure of carbon monoxide in autoclave. An important synthesis route for ruthenium, osmium, rhodium and iridium carbonyls is the reaction of either DMF or a high boiling point alcohol (such as methoxyethanol) with the metal chloride.

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