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Abhishek kumar singh Grade: 12
        i want to say that i m quite weak in organic chemistry...... i tried very much i m not getting the right grip in this part of the chemistry..!!!!!!

plz tel me the solution... or plz tel me how to maintain the grip or build the concept in this... i tried many patterns but not getting it... plz tel me some solution!!!!!!!
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


Organic chemistry is a very important topic and carries a lot of weightage in JEE. U need to the basic concepts thoroughlyy to understand it. The bond making breaking , resonance, electronegativity and everything basic is applied in organic chem. U need not cram, but by understanding the basic concepts , u can easily remember the mechanisms fr the reactions and solve the problems quite easily.

Until u start feeling somewhat comfortable with organic chemistry, do take a look at the mechanism of the reaction to understand the reaction rather than cramming it. Once u understand the basics , cramming wud be much easier. Here's some good slides on learning organic chem, do go thru

8 years ago
Abhishek kumar singh
18 Points
										oh....... thanks for ur support i will try my best to improve my level in organic chemistry.. plz be there if i hav some probs in the organic chemistry!!!!!!!!!!!

once again thanks for counselling....... !!
8 years ago
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