why doesnt ozone forms cyclic structure

why doesnt ozone forms cyclic structure


2 Answers

Sudheesh Singanamalla
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12 years ago

Ozone cannot form a trigonal planar shape because according to VSEPR theory

the bonds must be at maximum distances from each other so as to reduce the effect of repulsion !


so it cannot exist as trigonal planar (i.e triangle) but exists in a bent shape which comes because of free electron pair on the Oxygen atom.


abhishek chandola
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12 years ago

dear student

this is bcoz if O3 wud form a cyclic structure , it wud be a 3 membered dr will be angle strain in dat ...on other hand in its linear structure drs no angle even gets more stablity by delocalization of electrons (resonance) and hence has structure as 

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