Even though F is more electro -ve than Cl ,CHCl 3 has more dipole moment than CHF 3 . Why??

Even though F is more electro -ve than Cl ,CHCl3 has more dipole moment than CHF3 .  Why??


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Anirudh mahendrakar
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13 years ago

the dipole moment doesn't only depend upon the electronegative element in the group...

it depends on the bond length..

the bond length of C-Cl>C-F

vikas askiitian expert
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13 years ago

dipole moment = q(d)

d is seperation bw atoms ....

in case of CHF3 , q(charge seperation) is more than in CHCl3 due to high electronegativity of F

, but due to large size of Cl atom ,distance bw C-Cl becomes more & dipoe moment of each

 C - Cl in CHCl3 becomes more than that of C-F in CHF3 ...

hence dipole moment is more for CHCl3 ...

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