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sunny saini Grade: 11

Why we use the presence of dry ether in wurtz reaction or what is role of dry ether in wurtz reaction

7 years ago

Answers : (5)

GAVEESH bhardwaj
18 Points


7 years ago
Sudheesh Singanamalla
114 Points

Wurtz reaction is carried out with sodium metal which is highly reactive, hence, we have to select a solvent which will not react with the sodium metal. Thus ether becomes the best choice. Similarly the alkyl halide should also dissolve in the solvent . The sodium halide formed should be insolulbe in the solvent which can be easily removed, and alkane formed should remain in solution,  

it requires an aprotic solvent as the medium of the reaction.Dry ether proves to be a very good non-polar, aprotic solvent for this purpose.HENCE DRY ETHER IS USED.

eg. CH3I ----------> CH3 - CH3  (in presence of Sodium and Dry ether)

Please approve !

7 years ago
harshit gupta
13 Points
										Wurtz reaction of ethyl bromide with sodium metal in dry ether(reaction of haloalkane)Ch3ch2br + 2Na + br2hc-ch3~~~~~>ch3ch2ch2ch3 + 2NaBr
one year ago
Anshul Chaudhary
20 Points
										Because Na reacts with less hindered carbon as a nucleophile. And also dry ether is a very good poly-aprotic solvent. Hence, it is a suitable catalyst for this reaction.
one year ago
11 Points
										Dry ether is used to absorb moisture content  because metals are highly reactive with water which can form oxide and hydroxides and disturb the reaction .
10 months ago
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