name the apparatus used for differential extraction

name the apparatus used for differential extraction


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The aqueous solution of the compound (to be extracted) is taken in a separating funnel. A small quantity of a suitable organic solvent is added to this. The separating funnel is stoppered and the contents are shaken for some time. The funnel is then allowed to stand undisturbed on a tripod stand for some time. The liquids in the flask separate into two layers.

These two layers are collected separately in two beakers/flasks. The aqueous layer is again transferred to the separating funnel and the process is repeated with the fresh organic solvent.

process of differential extraction

Fig:16.13 Differential extraction

Organic solvent layers in all extractions are transferred to a distillation flask and the solvent is distilled off. The concentrated solution of the compound in the organic solvent is subjected to crystallization to obtain the crystals of the extracted compound.

Differential extraction becomes more effective if the process is repeated a number of times using a small volume of the organic solvent each time, than by using the whole solvent in one lot, i.e. multiple extraction is more efficient than single extraction.


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