ethene react with mercury &product iswhat

ethene react with mercury &product iswhat


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Raju Garg
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12 years ago

when CH2=CH2 react with Hg,then it form ethyne and HgH2(mecury hydried)

Saurabh Max
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12 years ago

Reaction with Hg2+(mercury) is nothing but addition of water(hydration)

but this is of special type and it avoids rearrangement

Hg2+ adds across double bond to give a mercurinium ion intermediate like this   

                                                                                                                   this is mercurinium ion with hg2+ attacking and breaking only pi bond

now H+ and OH- add according to markowinkoff's rule widout any rearrangement giving alcohol.

ethene will give ethyl alcohol C2H5OH

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11 years ago

Dear student,

The product is mercuric acetate...

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